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92-3 The Depot is a brand new radio station that embraces the rich musical and historical heritage of Marshall, Longview, Jefferson and all of East Texas. All of us at 92-3 The Depot operate under the philosophy that “if we take care of the community, the community will take care of us.” The sound of The Depot has been created and curated by a nationally recognized and award-winning program director and custom-designed for the region we serve. Our clients and listeners are not “spoon-fed” satellite-delivered programming. There is no other radio station in the world that sounds like 92-3 The Depot, where even our name and logo reflect the history of the area. And so, too, does our music and presentation. At 92-3 The Depot we believe in “super serving” our clients and listeners to help the business and cultural climates of the region. If you listen to The Depot online or over the air you’ll hear a fresh, new approach to radio that is truly “local” in every sense.

We are here 24/7 with music and community updates. Tune in when you are driving, at work, or hanging with friends. We play music by Texans, for Texans. We keep you entertained day and night!


92-3 The Depot, the newest radio station in East Texas, has put the finishing touches on its sales & marketing team with the addition of Cherie Moss, a veteran sales professional who was formerly the sales director for SB Magazine in Shreveport.

“Cherie brings with her decades of media sales experience, but more importantly she has a passion for local business entrepreneurs who have the courage to use their own money to grow their business and livelihoods their own way,” said Chip Arledge, 92-3 The Depot’s station manager.  “With so many businesses in East Texas owned by independent business folks, Cherie’s desire to help them grow and succeed will benefit everyone involved,” he added.

Ms. Moss joins Mary Lynne O’Neal on The Depot’s sales & marketing team along with Seth Necessary.  O’Neal also serves as 92-3 The Depot’s afternoon drive host after returning to the region from working in the record industry in both Nashville and New Orleans.  “I’m thrilled to be back in my hometown of Marshall to work for this one-of-a-kind radio station,” she said.  “I think we’ve made a huge impact on the community already, and now that our sales team is in place, we’re going to continue to make waves and shake things up a bit for Marshall and East Texas,” she said.

Seth Necessary of Hallsville rounds out the team.  Necessary also worked in the music business in Nashville for several years before moving to the region and joining The Depot and, he too, appears on the air as The Depot’s midday host.  “The music of The Depot might as well be my personal playlist.  With the station’s delivery of such and diverse and unique format, I just had to be a part of this venture.  Local radio is back baby,” he said.

“We’re very lucky to have been able to attract such a talented assortment of sales and music professionals,” Arledge said.  “Most importantly, they were lured to 92-3 The Depot by its unique format and vision for how we’re helping move the region forward,” he added.  “So get on board with The Depot or get run over.”

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